Homeopathy is very precise and thorough therapeutic system requiring an in depth consultation. For chronic problems an initial consultation may require an hour or more. When asking the client to describe symptoms, the homeopath wants to go beyond such blanket terms as merely “rheumatism” or “asthma” and to discover how that particular problem presents in you as an individual in your own unique response to the disease process.

To get a complete picture of the underlying disturbance and to clearly identify the physical, mental or emotional problems impacting on your life, a lengthy, detailed and personal interview is often necessary. This in-depth exchange between homeopath and client is quite different from the routine medical exam of a conventional doctor. During the interview you will be asked about many aspects of your life. Often it is that “peculiar” or “odd” problem, that may provide the all-important clue to your exact remedy.

Homeopathy is highly demanding of the homeopath. The reason such a long time is spent with new clients, striving to know them in such depth and subtlety, is because the homeopath needs to select, from hundreds of remedies, a remedy which best matches the symptoms of the individual. It is not an easy task.