The classical homeopath is guided by the principles set forth by Hahnemann:

  • the principle of “like cures like”
  • the minimum dose of the potentised medicine
  • the single remedy
  • the individualisation of every case of disease

By following these principles, classical homeopaths find they obtain the most consistent and reliable results.  Only one remedy at a time is used.  Classical homeopaths do not use machines or divining methods, or other alternative means to choose the remedy.

Many remedies sold labelled “homeopathic” are not true homeopathic medicines at all, and results from taking them are so unpredictable their use cannot be recommended. Bottles containing a mixture of remedies (several remedies in one bottle) with a name implying a particular use should be avoided.  If you are in need of a remedy but unsure of which remedy is the ‘simillimum’ (the remedy that most closely matches the symptoms) contact a homeopath.