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Author: Khanaj, DV
Was $19 now $12 This book provides wholesome theories of Repertory subject. First edition of this book was distributed all over & was appreciated by all students & teachers of...
Author: Scholten J.
ON SALE WHILE STOCKS LAST  $55 FROM $95 This new book translates the concepts of Homoeopathy and the Elements into the system of a repertory. It uses Scholten's...
Author: Chauhan, Dinesh
Was $43 - now $30
Author: Fayazuddin, M.
Simple Treatment of Piles
Author: Kishore, Dr J
Integrated Hom. Repertory- Mind
Author: Shah, Dr H
 Last chance - Reduced to clear on sale: Reduced from $27, the 2nd copy reduced to $15 due to inside cover tear From the Preface: The Endocrinological disorders have increased...
Author: Ghosh
Was $5.50 - now $4
Author: Mamgain, S K
Prostate Troubles with Repertory
Author: Scholten, J.
Reduced from $190 to $130 Wonderful Plants: From the foreword by Pieter Kuiper, Bussum, Netherlands To present us the complete pictures of specific plants, families and orders in such a...
Author: Cole & Dyson
Was $46 - now $35
Author: Gladwin FE
Was $10.70 - now $5   Indian Print, cover slightly damaged
Author: Mangialavori M.
Reduced from $95 to $65 Massimo Mangialavori examines the vast topic of insecurity and its counterpart, self-assurance, through psychological and homeopathic perspectives. He clearly...
Author: Sankaran, Dr R.
Was $91 now $55 A complete overview of Sankaran's system of thinking, including the miasms and the plant kingdom. This tabular work is especially helpful for successful and rapid...
Author: Case, E
LAST CHANCE SALE REDUCED FROM $58 Some Clinical Experiences with selected writings The publisher: ...from the Homeopathic Recorder, Vol. 31, 1916, p. 420-421. This book is made up of...
Author: Gallavardin, Dr J.P.
Was $7.50 - now $4
Author: Miller
This pamphlet addresses duration of action, drug affinities, and sidedness with the author gleaning the information from Boenninghausen’s Lesser Writings.
Author: Thomas
Was $60, now $50 From his personal wealth of experience, Thomas proposes an extremely practical guide on the injuries and illnesses common to athletes, dancers, games players and other...
Author: Coulter, H.L.
Was $10 - now $6
Author: Guernsey, W.J.
Was $3 - now  $2
Author: Maury, Dr E.A.
Reduced for AGM Sale from $14 to $9
Author: Chand, Diwan
For about 150 diseases, including several cases of some of the diseases and some serious pathology, the author uses mental, general and particular symptoms, including data from conventional...
Author: Isaac Golden
Reduced from $60 to $40 Vaccination & Homoeoprophylaxis - A Review of Risks and Alternatives - 7th Edition 
Author: Morrison, Dr R.
Was $120, reduced to $90 One of the best selling keynotes reference books, covering 290 remedies. "It is meant as a text of the basic and practical information which is the 'bread and...
Author: Weeks Nora
Last Chance sale - reduced due to older stock and some age spots on inside front cover page. Reduced from $25 to $15 In 1912 Edward Bach qualified as a medical doctor and embarked upon a...
Author: Conant
Was $5 - now $3   slightly damaged cover
Author: Mukerji, Dr R.K.
A miscellaneous account which mentions ancient and later classifications of body types (such as Galen's humors and Vannier's carbonic-fluoric-phosphoric types) along with isopathy and...
Author: Deshmuck, Rashmin
Was $9 - now $5
Author: Gemmel, Dr D.
Was $38.50 - now $20
Author: Murphy R
 ON SALE WHILE STOCKS LAST $70  (was $125)   Hardback Homeopathic Medical Repertory 3rd Ed. is the Indian Publication of Murphy's Clinical  Repertory but Indian...
Author: Allen, Dr H.C.
Reduced from $18 This excellent work by Dr H.C. Allen helps the reader to grasp the PQRS symptoms in no time. Keynotes and Characteristics Leading Rx with Bowel Nosodes
Author: Detinis, Dr L.
Was $45.50 - now $30
Author: Hughes R
Was $15.50 - now $9.00