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Author: Chand, Diwan
For about 150 diseases, including several cases of some of the diseases and some serious pathology, the author uses mental, general and particular symptoms, including data from conventional...
Author: Fayazuddin, M.
Simple Treatment of Piles
Author: Fayazuddin, M.
Last Chance Reduced to clear - old stock worn cover and damage Treat The Mind of Children  
Author: Isaac Golden
Vaccination & Homoeoprophylaxis - A Review of Risks and Alternatives - 7th Edition Reduced from $95 to $60
Author: Kent, Dr. J.T.
Sale price reduced from $70 to $50 while stocks last. The life work of James Tyler Kent, was the main tool for generations of classically trained homeopaths. Due to its clear...
Author: Mangialavori M.
Massimo Mangialavori examines the vast topic of insecurity and its counterpart, self-assurance, through psychological and homeopathic perspectives. He clearly demonstrates the use of the...
Author: Maury, Dr E.A.
Reduced for AGM Sale from $14 to $9
Author: Murphy R
Homeopathic Medical Repertory 3rd Ed. is the Indian Publication of Murphy's Clinical  Repertory but Indian printed.  It is a heavier book but exactly the same information. It has...
Author: Schmidt, Dr P.
The Art of Case Taking on Sale while stocks last $46  currently $33
Author: Shah, Dr H
 Last chance - Reduced to clear on sale: Reduced from $27, the 2nd copy reduced to $15 due to inside cover tear From the Preface: The Endocrinological disorders have increased...
Author: Bernstein, R
Last Chance sale - Reduced from $28 due to very slight back cover corner damage An Epitome of the more common skin diseases for students and practitioners.
Author: Sankaran, Dr R.
A complete overview of Sankaran's system of thinking, including the miasms and the plant kingdom. This tabular work is especially helpful for successful and rapid prescriptions according to...
Author: Cehovsky Jiri
So called "incurable" chronic diseases are caused by disturbances of subtle energies that organize our body and mind. Autopathy makes it possible for these basic energies to return to...
Author: Thomas
From his personal wealth of experience, Thomas proposes an extremely practical guide on the injuries and illnesses common to athletes, dancers, games players and other people with a high...
Author: Chancellor, Philip M.
Last Chance Sale - Reduced to clear due to older stock, books have some age spots on inside cover and Illustrated Handbook of Bach Flower Remedies (Eng. Ed.) Book marked down as have age...
Author: Weeks Nora
Last Chance sale - reduced due to older stock and some age spots on inside front cover page. Reduced from $25 to $15 In 1912 Edward Bach qualified as a medical doctor and embarked upon a...
Author: Case, E
LAST CHANCE SALE REDUCED FROM $58 Some Clinical Experiences with selected writings The publisher: ...from the Homeopathic Recorder, Vol. 31, 1916, p. 420-421. This book is made up of...
Author: Whitmont, Dr E.C.
Psyche & Substance -Essays In Light of Jungian Psychology
Author: Master, Dr F.
On Sale while stocks last $47 Now $30
Author: Bentley Grant
On Sale - Reduced to $60 from $71 while stocks last Homoeopathic Facial Analysis is a desktop guide on how to analyse facial features with hundreds of sketches detailing features....
Author: Sankaran, Dr R.
Author: Master, Dr F
Author: Roberts, Dr H.A.
Principles and Art of Cure
Author: De Schepper, Luc
Reduced  from $75 to $50
Author: Van Der Zee/Johannes
Twenty-three leading heathcare professionals contribute to this book to discuss the pros and cons of allopathic treatment in the field of mental health and the formidable potential of...
Author: Tuminello Peter
A beautiful and very personable book, presenting experiences, information, case notes and illustrations of twelve precious and semi-precious gemstones: Amethyst, Black Opal, Diamond, Gold...
Author: Cichetti
A successor to Whitmont's "Psyche & Subtance" and "The Alchemy of Healing," this book explores connections between homeopathy, Jungian psychology and alchemy. It discusses case-taking...