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Author: Kent, Dr. J.T.
Sale price reduced from $70 to $50 while stocks last. The life work of James Tyler Kent, was the main tool for generations of classically trained homeopaths. Due to its clear...
Author: Mangialavori M.
Massimo Mangialavori examines the vast topic of insecurity and its counterpart, self-assurance, through psychological and homeopathic perspectives. He clearly demonstrates the use of the...
Author: Maury, Dr E.A.
Reduced for AGM Sale from $14 to $9
Author: Murphy R
Homeopathic Medical Repertory 3rd Ed. is the Indian Publication of Murphy's Clinical  Repertory but Indian printed.  It is a heavier book but exactly the same information. It has...
Author: Schmidt, Dr P.
The Art of Case Taking on Sale while stocks last $46  currently $33
Author: De Schepper, Luc
Sale price reduced from $45 now $30 A companion book to Hahnemann Revisited. (Paperback) Hahnemann Revisited represented the Science of Homeopathy: Laws, case taking and finding the...
Author: Isaac Golden
Vaccination & Homoeoprophylaxis - A Review of Risks and Alternatives - 7th Edition Reduced from $95 to $60
Author: Whitmont, Dr E.C.
Psyche & Substance -Essays In Light of Jungian Psychology
Author: Master, Dr F.
On Sale while stocks last $47 Now $30
Author: Master, Dr F
Author: HHA
Homeopathy for Health in Africa 2017 Calendar HOMEOPATHY FOR HEALTH IN AFRICA a non profit organisation founded by Jeremy and Camilla Sherr located at the foot of beautiful Mount...
Author: Roberts, Dr H.A.
Principles and Art of Cure
Author: De Schepper, Luc
Reduced  from $75 to $50
Author: Van Der Zee/Johannes
Twenty-three leading heathcare professionals contribute to this book to discuss the pros and cons of allopathic treatment in the field of mental health and the formidable potential of...
Author: Tuminello Peter
A beautiful and very personable book, presenting experiences, information, case notes and illustrations of twelve precious and semi-precious gemstones: Amethyst, Black Opal, Diamond, Gold...
Author: Cichetti
A successor to Whitmont's "Psyche & Subtance" and "The Alchemy of Healing," this book explores connections between homeopathy, Jungian psychology and alchemy. It discusses case-taking...