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Author: Case, E
LAST CHANCE SALE REDUCED FROM $58 Some Clinical Experiences with selected writings The publisher: ...from the Homeopathic Recorder, Vol. 31, 1916, p. 420-421. This book is made up of...
Author: Guernsey, W.J.
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Author: Miller
This pamphlet addresses duration of action, drug affinities, and sidedness with the author gleaning the information from Boenninghausen’s Lesser Writings.
Author: Coulter, H.L.
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Author: Golden, Isaac
Reduced from $60 to $40 Vaccination & Homoeoprophylaxis - A Review of Risks and Alternatives - 7th Edition 
Author: Maury, Dr E.A.
Reduced for AGM Sale from $14 to $9
Author: Chand, Diwan
For about 150 diseases, including several cases of some of the diseases and some serious pathology, the author uses mental, general and particular symptoms, including data from conventional...
Author: Mukerji, Dr R.K.
A miscellaneous account which mentions ancient and later classifications of body types (such as Galen's humors and Vannier's carbonic-fluoric-phosphoric types) along with isopathy and...
Author: Conant
Was $5 - now $3   slightly damaged cover
Author: Gemmel, Dr D.
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Author: Murphy R
 ON SALE WHILE STOCKS LAST $70  (was $125)   Hardback Homeopathic Medical Repertory 3rd Ed. is the Indian Publication of Murphy's Clinical  Repertory but Indian...
Author: Deshmuck, Rashmin
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Author: Hughes R
Was $15.50 - now $9.00
Author: Nile, Stephanie
New $46 now $40 The book catalogues and compares trends which pervade the entire Botanical hierarchy of families, orders and clades and places them into stage tables which are based of...
Author: Detinis, Dr L.
Was $45.50 - now $30
Author: Hatherley, P
Informative and thorough, this book offers scientific and practical information on the topic of lactation. In addition, a comprehensive description of three milk remedies, Lac caninum, Lac...
Author: Phatak Dr. S.R.
A comprehensive and yet concise Materia Medica. Based on the Synoptic Key by Boger, this book clearly benefits from Phatak's considerable clinical experience. One of the most popular...
Author: Allen, Dr H.C.
Reduced from $18 This excellent work by Dr H.C. Allen helps the reader to grasp the PQRS symptoms in no time. Keynotes and Characteristics Leading Rx with Bowel Nosodes
Author: Dubey
Was $17 - now $14   slightly damaged cover
Author: Johnson, Maureen
Reduced from 28 to $20
Author: Sankaran, Dr R.
Was $125 now $95 The exploration of the animal kingdom will be laid out in several volumes of the Survival series. This series is co-authored by Dr. Sudhir Baldota, assisted by many...
Author: Banerjee, Dr N.K.
was $6 - now $3
Author: Joshi, B & S
Was $123 now $80
Author: Sankaran, Dr R.
Was $98 now $75 The Substance of Homoeopathy starts systematizing the wealth of ideas first discussed in the Spirit of Homoeopathy. New thoughts on the periodic table of elements and an...
Author: Bellavite & Signorini
LAST CHANCE SALE - REDUCED FROM $45 A survey of past, present and possible future research on homeopathy. Summarizes current empirical and clinical evidence, including animal and...
Author: Deshmukh Anurag
Was $11.50 - now $6
Author: Joshi, B & S
The publisher: In this book the main sensation behind the nosodes and imponderables are explained by Dr. Bhawisha and Dr. Shachindra Joshi. The authors have been engaged with the subject...
Author: Schmidt, Dr P.
The Art of Case Taking on Sale while stocks last $46  currently $33
Author: Bernstein, R
Last Chance sale - Reduced from $22 to $15 due to very slight back cover corner damage An Epitome of the more common skin diseases for students and practitioners.
Author: Deeks
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Author: Joshi Dr B & S
was 64$ now $46 In this book the development of these important remedies is traced and the concept behind them is explained and discussed within the context of modern homeopathic thought...
Author: Scholten J.
Was $150 now $100      Indian Publication of high quality A masterpiece! Since Mendeleev, the periodic table of the elements has proved to be a tried and tested...