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Author: Vithoulkas, G.
Abelmoschus to Ambrosia Artemisiae Folia
Author: Vermeulen F
Author: Master, Dr F
Author: Murphy R
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Author: Master Dr.Farokh
Author: Roberts, Dr H.A.
Principles and Art of Cure
Author: Clarke, Dr J.H.
Low price edition. Pocketbook.
Author: Sivaraman, Dr. P.
This book provides a combination of Materia Medica and Therapeutics: It is set out in alphabetical order of remedies  that are used for Ear Nose & Throat problems, it gives a...
Author: Sivaraman, P
Author: Jain, Ritu
Author: Jain, Ritu
Author: Lennihan Begabati
Author: Joshi, Bhawisha- Joshi, Shachindra
On sale was $152 now $100
Author: Alex, Peter
Detailed introduction to this disease with the therapeutic possibilities and interesting reports of healed cases, in which the patients were cured for at least two years. Also contains a...
Author: Master Farokh / Natasha Fernandes
A useful small booklet to master the art of posology, which will be of value for students.
Author: Kantor J
  Jerry Kantor presents Strategies, Remedies, Resources in the most comprehensive book to date on the homeopathic treatment of autism, 
Author: Khaneja, H S
This is a quick and reliable handbook to assist the practitioner of homoeopathy with the task of individualizing cases. Since it is organized by diseases and symptoms, the case takes can...
Author: Dhawale, Dr. M.L.
Homeopathic Philosophy and Repertorization - Resvised and Enlarged Editon
Author: Master Dr.Farokh / Shiuin Gupta
Author: Ton Jansen
The publisher: "The highest ideal of cure is the rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health . . ." - Samuel Hahnemann (1810) Ton Jansen has worked tirelessly for 30 years to...
Author: Armstrong Sue. E
We are at the early stages of understanding the disease process of cancer. It is difficult to make decisions when it comes to treating affected animals. Subjecting animals to anaesthetics...
Author: Welte,U
Author: Golden, Isaac
Author: Nayak C./ Nayak D./ Roja V.
Author: K.D. Kanodia
The publisher: Experiences of pioneers from the world over in homeopathy quoted and arranged with a convenient method for instant availability of details in diagnosis, materia medica,...
Author: Turland Jill R.
The 350-page book defines the results and conclusions of over ten years of clinical research into the homeopathic treatment of most of today's epidemic chronic and destructive conditions,...
Author: Tumminello, Peter L
Was $120 now $100 What began as an exploration into the crystal structure of gemstones, has unfurled into a deeper and unexpected insight into all metals, minerals and organic compounds...
Author: Jeremy Sherr
Including an Introduction to the Noble Gases
Author: Jakob Martin
A Practical Guide to Homeopathic Prescriptions
Author: Assilem Melissa
The publisher: This book present fascinating insights into the remedies - Thea (tea) - Coffea (coffee) - Saccharinum Officinarum (sugar) - Lac Humanum (mother's milk). Each...
Author: NZ Homoeopathic Society
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