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Author: Manna
Author: Agrawal, Dr Y.R.
Author: Boger, Dr C.M.
A compendium of Boenninghausen writings with notes from Boger and Dunham. Includes Materia Medica of 140 remedies and a repertory including the Therapeutic Pocket Book rubrics.
Author: Clarke J.H.
Author: Fraser P
The Drug Remedies are a complex group of remedies made up of plants from many families and of synthetic chemicals. The substances from which they are made are extremely important both to...
Author: Gray Alistair
This is not a book about remedies, but what happens after the remedy. In this book Alastair Gray critically examines how to manage clinical situations and people. It explores the...
Author: Master, Dr F.
Author: Master, Dr F
An indispensable book for young and experienced homeopaths alike Salient features of individual chapters of Boenninghausen's Repertory Life and works of Boger and Boenninghausen well...
Author: Ramakrishnan/Coulter
A Homeopathic Approach to Cancer is a clear, concise alternative medicine reference that introduces Dr. Ramakrishnan's method. This book details 126 different cases, covering 25 types of...
Author: Verkade, Tineke
Homeopathy for Horses
Author: Bentley Grant
On Sale - Reduced to $60 from $71 while stocks last Homoeopathic Facial Analysis is a desktop guide on how to analyse facial features with hundreds of sketches detailing features....
Author: Roy Margaret
The publisher: This book covers the use of Homoeopathy in First Aid and acute ailments. It should be of value to the parent as will as helping the patient to a further understanding of...
Author: Mangialavori M.
Was $86 now $60 The picture of a remedy group only really becomes clear when we compare it with similar groups. Differential diagnosis is the real art of homeopathy, and here we can...
Author: Mangialavori M.
Solanaceae: Nightmare between Light and Dark explores the parallels and distinguishing features of this group of homeopathic medicines with Belladonna as its archetype. Not constrained...
Author: Mangialavori M.
Was $40 now $30 Mangialavori describes how Cactaceae can help certain patients to live the last moments of their life in a dignified manner. Although these patients were too sick to...
Author: Le Roux P.
A modern materia medica of children's remedies, exceptionally concise and practical. Patricia Le Roux was a leading homeopathic pediatrician, combining in her practice classical methods...
Author: Pitcairn R. & Jensen W.
The very first repertory designed exclusively for veterinary use. Of the more than 110 repertories published over the last two centuries*, this is the first that has been carefully...
Author: Zaren A. & Heudens Mast H
An Account of Brief Case History, Rubrics, Remedy and Reasonings This is a compilation of the notes of five different homeopaths made during a seminar of Ananda Zaren in the Netherlands...
Author: Morrison R. & Herrick N.
In todays world of extreme competition and race for survival it's no longer a phsycial game rather it's all about severe mental work-out. This exaggerated mental labour usually brings on...
Author: Schroyens F.
This newest edition adds more than 300,000 remedy occurrences and over 115 completely new remedies to the Synthesis 8. Publishers Note: Some highlights of the book are Integrating...
Author: Pitt Richard
Promotional New Publication Sale Price $95 reduced from $115 while stocks last This book offers an original perspective on comparative materia medica, incorporating information...
Author: NZ Homoeopathic Society
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Author: Jack. Dr. R.A.F.
A lifetime of experience in NHS practice is offered under the modest title Homeopathy in General Practice. From the detailed presentation of 129 cases one can sense the difficulties...
Author: Ruth Raspe
A homeopathic remedy memory aide and different way of studying homeopathy. Using familiar key phrases, the homeopath Ruth Raspe introduces us to over 80 of the most important homeopathic...
Author: Jordon Linlee
Do you have a child who is a challenge? Are you looking for help to manage them without pharmaceuticals? The stories in thhis book about Australian kids who have had success with homeopathy...
Author: De Schepper, Luc
Your Guide to Safe, Effective Homeopathic Remedies As stated on the cover, a guide "to Safe, Effective Homeopathic Remedies for First Aid, Colds & Flu, Women's health, Emotional...
Author: Choudhury, H.
A methodical book on miasms with practical suggestions. The relation between miasms and micro-organisms is well described and the correct indication of particular miasm is given. Major...
Author: Coppe Mouscron, Dr. Yves
Author: Fontaine, Pierre
Author: Vithoulkas, G.
Abelmoschus to Ambrosia Artemisiae Folia
Author: Vermeulen F
Author: Master, Dr F