Menstrual Disorders & Homoeopathy

by Agrawal, Dr Y.R.

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Preface: Menstruation is a normal phenomena in the life of female sex. It is indicative of womanhood, which the girl approaches. The monthly cycle starts at every 28 days calculated from the last menses. Its duration remains for 5 days and it runs a period of 30 year's or so. The cessation starts at the age of 45 years. If menses are normal, regular to the time, no medical interference is required rather it is essential for the maintenance of good health of a female as many diseases are washed out during this process. Medical intervention becomes necessary when menstruation is accompanied by pain, scanty discharge, profuse flow etc. In homoeopathy cases are dealt with by selecting homoeopathic remedy based on totality of symptoms. In this book I have attempted to collect and incorporate majority of such symptoms vis a vis therapeutic hints of homoeopathic remedies. I will gladly receive any suggestion or amendments if brought to my notice by professional friends by giving reference to any classical authority. Y. R. Agrawal


Menstrual Disorders & Homoeopathy