Homeopathic Theraputics - Acute Pathology

by Jouanny

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Homeopathic Theraputics- Acute Pathology


The publisher: "One of the more remarkable stories currently unfolding in today's Western Medicine is the serious consideration by Mainstream Medicine of so called "Alternative Therapies". In this book Dr. Jacques Jouanny and his colleagues make a substantial case for today's "allopathically-trained" Physician to explore and consider the therapeutic legitimacy and value of utilizing homeopathic medicines in acute disorders. Topics range from classic adult and childhood infectious diseases, neurologic and emotional disorders, and common ENT and respiratory disorders. As the responsible application of Homeopathic medicines continues to gain momentum worldwide due to patient demand, professional interest, scientific validation, (in well controlled double blind studies), and much more cross cultural dialogue, this timely book provides an excellent resource for both the experienced but more importantly the new Homeopathic practitioner".