Dictionary of Homeopathic Medical Terminology

by Yasgur, Dr J.

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Dictionary of Hom. Medical Terminology, First Edition, Hardcover, US

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When the epidemic diseases of diphtheria, typhoid, malaria and tuberculosis were such a large part of the world for the inhabitants of the 1800's, it is no wonder that they developed a whole vocabulary for talking about these things. As the diseases faded into history, so did the language to describe them. Yet, It is seen every day by those who access Kent's Repertory of the Materia Medica.

Certainly, some of the definitions for these strange words may be found in a modem dictionary. Others can be found in medical dictionaries. But some are all but lost--to be found only in medical dictionaries that were published at the turn of the century. 

Author Jay Yasgur has done a great service by, once again, bringing these definitions to our consciousness. Many of these terms are, indeed, obsolete and may refer to something that is now never seen in modem medicine. Yet others are so completely descriptive that, as they become part of our vocabulary, our understanding of the repertory and the materia medica is enhanced. from the Foreword, by Julian Winston