Leaders in Respiratory Organs

by Nash, Dr E.B.

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Leaders in Respiratory Organs


Preface: The object of this unpretentious work is to place before the busy practitioner the indications, especially the leading ones, in a different way from that usually found in the ordinary textbooks. To the beginner, arranging the remedies in alphabetical order, without regard to the different stages of diseases, is rather confusing. It may justly be claimed that this way of mine has a tendency to lead to routinism. I have tried to guard against that by repeatedly assuring my readers that any remedy might be indicated in any stage of a complaint, and if so they must not be ignored. As will be seen, I have purposely avoided taking up time and space with the pathology and diagnosis of disease as found in the textbooks, my reasons being that, important as that may be, after all the selection of the remedy, according to our art, according to symptom logical indications, is of far more importance for CURATIVE PURPOSES. By this method of symptom-covering we are enabled to cure many a disease which cannot with certainty be named, and about which the best diagnosticians living would widely differ. I hope I will not be misunderstood, and be thought to place too low an estimate upon diagnosis and pathology, but rather as one who has tested the value of Similia Similibus Curantur from the standpoint of Hahnemann's clear teachings and is wiling still to stand for it. Dr. E. B. Nash