Leaders in Pneumonia

by Pulford, Dr A.

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The authors: No apology is needed for the birth of this little Monograph, the appalling mortality among pneumonia patients attests the demand for just such an one. It has been stated, and we have every reason to believe truly, that fully 80% of all pneumonia cases would get well without any medical interference whatever, under proper nursing, so that any system or method of medical healing that cannot lower the death-rate to less than 20% would seem rather a menace than a blessing to pneumonia patients. After treating 242 cases of pneumonia, of ALL types and degrees of severity, some coming directly from and others having been confirmed in the diagnosis by allopaths, with but 3 deaths, a rate of but 1.4%, we can hardly understand a fixed minimum death-rate of 25%, much less a maximum rate of 95%, in a disease as readily amenable to the proper remedy as is pneumonia. The death-rate under the homoeopathic similimum should at no time exceed 5%, a higher rate would rather reflect on our ability. It is with the hope of aiding the physician to find the similimum and to reduce his death-rate that this little Monograph is written.


This little Monograph  has been divided into two parts - a Materia Medica and Repertory.

The Materia Medica embraces the leading remedies that will be required in the greater majority of casees of pneumonia.

The graded Repertory has been added to supply whatever symptoms to the text as a key to the text and to give at a glance the other remedies in the text having the same symptom and their relative values.