Homeopathic Elementary Dermatology

by Bernstein, R

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An Epitome of the more common skin diseases for students and practitioners.


Information from the cover or publisher: This book is written primarily for the student in dermatology, and conforms, in a general way, with the method of instruction as given by the author at the Hahnemann Medical College and Hospital of Philadelphia. Its mere intention is to give an outline of the fundamentals of elementary dermatology and to act as a guide to follow in dispensary work. With this book, and his patient seated before him, the student by frequent reference to the larger books on dermatology, a free and liberal use of his brains - in other words, to read, reason and reflect, and when in doubt to call the microscope to his aid - should have no trouble in coming to a successful conclusion as to the proper diagnosis and treatment for the more common skin diseases.

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Very slight superficial damage to back cover, reduced to $15