Homeopathy For Sports, Exercise and Dance

by Thomas

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From his personal wealth of experience, Thomas proposes an extremely practical guide on the injuries and illnesses common to athletes, dancers, games players and other people with a high level of physical activity. A study of ninety relevant remedies is given, supported by the presentation of thirty-three detailed cases. All the information is clearly written and easy to understand. A great tool for coaches, team managers, and anyone involved in physical activity. The publisher: Sprains, strains, flu, fatigue, depression... Injury and illness are among the most difficult events in the life of athletes, dancers, games players and indeed anyone who enjoys physical activity. Some of these problems require prompt medical attention, others need trained but less urgent care, and others will resolve with rest and commonsense. Recovery can be frustratingly slow. Homoeopathic remedies can be used to help speed the process.


This practical book shows you how to use homoeopathic medicine in many cases of injury and illness. The author explains the basic principles of homoeopathy and describes how to choose and use the most appropriate remedy. He then advises remedies for traumatic and overuse injuries. A wide variety of common injuries are covered on a regional basis, followed by a chapter on the common ailments that beset athletes and dancers, from pre-performance nerves to indigestion. Ninety remedies are then studied with particular attention to their relevance to the needs of physically active people. The overall discussion is supported by thirty-three detailed cases drawn from the author's own practice. Homoeopathy has long been known as a holistic medicine, free of pharmaceutically active substances and working at all levels of the individual. There is advice on remedies to promote total recovery from injury, as well as to reduce susceptibility to injury in the first place. Emlyn Thomas had a successful career as a Physical Education officer with the Royal Air Force, during which he was responsible for the rehabilitation of injured athletes and others. He captained the RAF at rugby and played for the Combined Services, and led major expeditions to many of the great mountain ranges, including the Himalayas. He began using homoeopathic remedies as an active sportsman in 1976 and subsequently trained and qualified as a homoeopath. He now practises professionally in North Wales.