Hair Loss

by Master, Dr F.

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Explained from a Homeopathic viewpoint. A booklet which tackles the never abating problem of hair loss.


Five years ago when I announced my textbook on skin diseases, I had decided that I should publish a separate booklet on hair loss as this complaint is one of the most commonest complaints presented to any physician in the metropolis. The market is flooded these days with many wonder drugs. Hairoils Shampoos, lotions, the arrival of which is announced with much publicity and very soon the people come to know the futility of such a gimmick. The thing which has withstood since last one hundred and eighty years against all odds is the science of constitutional Homoeopethic Medicine. In this booklet I have described the anatomy, physiological functions, various diseases of the hair. Homoeopathic therapeutics from various materia medica's Repertory of Hair loss from various Repertories and Clinical cases. I hope this will be accepted by the profession like my previous publications.