Diseases of the Skin with Illustrations

by Dearborn, Dr F.M.

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Diseases of the Skin with Illustrations Including the exanthemata and two hundred and thirty illustrations in the text. For General Practitioners advanced students.


For the busy practitioner or student, brevity |s essential in the make-up of any textbook. So it has been the author's aim to present clearly and concisely the subject of dermatology. To this end an attempt has been made to arrange the general considerations and the special diseases in logical sequence, to properly emphasize the relative importance of symptomatology, etiology, pathology, diagnosis and treatment, to present lucid and descriptive definitions, to relegate obsolete terms to their proper spheres, and to omit the many unnecessary and confusing foot-notes so characteristic of many scientific books. The subject of treatment is a broad one and is given extensive consideration not only as regards general principles in the introductory portion of the book but from a specific standpoint under the description of various disease entities.