Cancer & it's HomeopathicTreatment

by Hatta, B S

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A brief survey of cancer treatment and remedies mainly based on material from classical authorities with some case examples. Foreword: This book of Cancer & Its Homoeopathic Treatment by Dr. B. S. Hatta has rnade significant contribution towards the role of Homoeopathy in Cancer sufferings. Cancer concept relating to it what is Cancer, Cell Diseases, its Causes, Clinical Diagnosis and Cardinal symptoms i.e. loss of weight, fever, modern treatment. Specific remedies have a curative effect on cancer follows: name of medicine, Miasm predominate, Cancer specific organ affinity, pre-cancerous stage, characteristic symptoms of cancer of medicine its constitution modality potency and comparative study of medicine and scholars view. I hope this work will be boon for Cancer suffering and help to Homoeopathic physician in treatment of Cancer. Dr. R. L. Jussal Grand Master of Homoeopathy (1989) Chairman & Director (Research): The Hahnemannian Society of Homoeopathicians of India (HASHI)


Cancer & it's Hom Treatment