Cancer - It's Cause, Symptoms & Treatment

by Jones, E.G.

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Quick Overview

In his book, Jones shares the results of forty years of experience in the treatment of cancer. The publisher: Giving the results of over 40 years experience in the medical treatment of this disease. The author gave postgraduate instructions to physicians of his method of treatment. The author's successful treatment of more than 600 cases of various types of cancers during his 40 plus years of practice. The book includes: - the causes of cancer, surgery and X Ray treatments, taking the case, diet, different types of cancer and their homeopathic treatment, main homeopathic remedies and an interesting chapter on radium treatment in it's infancy.


Cancer is the phenomenon of uncontrolled ell division, growth and differentiation. The normal cell division is a regulated phehbomenon guided by functional units of DNA molecules, called genes. Cancer is a dreaded disease and the stigma attached with cancer is there, in spite of all kinds of medical treatments available today. 

Cancer doesn't jus bring the disease ccner per se but come with fears, the financial burdens, the steress of attendants and much depression The fear remains more because of unawareness rather than actual disease. With so many advances in medicine and many alternative treatments available, one can live a comparatively good life inspite of cancer detection.
The book is aimed at removing the myths assocated with cancer and bring the facts out.

The book covers:

  • Causes
  • Symptoms
  • Management
  • MEdical and local treatment of cancer
  • Diet for cancer patients 
  • FActs about cancer
  • Natural remedies