Cancer, its Cause etc

by Smalpage, Dr E.H.

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Altough the contents of this small book deal with medical scientific facts, more particularly with the cancer scourge, no attempt has been made by the writer to deal with the subject matter in the stereotyped manner of medical textbooks. Any person who cares to read the contents, will at once realize the significance of its statements, if not completely blinded by prejudice and materialism. The claim made in regard to cancer causation is founded on scientific facts, experiments and clinical observations. I may be accused of stating facts of elementary physiology, more particularly in cardiac and other organ dysfunctions, but my own reply to such criticism is that knowledge unless applied to life and the maintenance of physical and mental wellbeing is worse than ignorance, or at least permits of destructive effects similar to those which result when complete ignorance prevails. Only by the practical application of knowledge can knowledge be manifested. All the wisdom of creation if hidden from mankind will be of no avail. Likewise, all the knowledge man has gained for his protection and welfare will be devoid of purpose and useless if not practically applied. The book of nature is the book of wisdom, the mere reading of this cannot gain for mankind any benefit unless the truths therein written are read with understanding.


Cancer, its Cause etc