by Borland, Dr D.M.

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All Borland's pamphlets are derived from a series of lectures given to the Faculty of Homeopathy. Borland describes each type of pneumonia and differentiates the homeopathic remedies most commonly indicated. When treating a pneumonia epidemic homeopathically it was Borland's expectation that there would be a 100% recovery rate and he proved this in his results. Borland believed that, in homeopathic prescribing, the endeavor is to find a drug that will cover not only the actual pathological picture but also the reaction of the individual patient to that disease.


The publisher: This book was first published in 1939. In this book, Borland separates pneumonia presentations into 5 distinct chapters: 1. Incipient stage 2. Frankly developed pneumonia 3. Complicated pneumonias (mixed infection or alcoholic patient) 4. Complicated pneumonia (bronchopneumonia) 5. Late pneumonia Borland teaches the art of treatment of pneumonia by moving from common symptoms of pneumonia to uncommon symptoms of individual. This book is a rich classical text which shows light to contemporary physician for treatment of the dreaded condition called 'Pneumonia'. Borland felt that the successful homeopath should take advantage of every atom of knowledge and experience that they have and the greater the clinical experience the more successful they are going to be. Every homeopath must consider the totality of symptoms, in other words, the symptoms of the disease and all the other symptoms as well.