Kent's Repertory Medium

by Kent, Dr. J.T.

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The life work of James Tyler Kent, was the main tool for generations of classically trained homeopaths. Due to its clear structure, it became the model for the most popular modern repertories. It remains highly relevant as a basis for solid repertorization. Indeed, many homeopaths continue to use it on account of its reliability. Kent continued working on his repertory right up to the end of his life, continually supplementing it with remedy provings and clinical experience.


The Repertory contains 19 pages of tabulations "A Relationship of Remedies with Duration of Action` by Gibson Miller. This index shows for all the important remedies, the remedies with similar properties, remedies with contrarious effects, as well as the period of effect. 6 pages "Remedies and their abbreviation` Â "Use of the repertory" A repertory is an ordered list of symptoms showing the remedies that are thought to be useful for those symptoms. Although it requires long study to master, Kent's Repertory allows increasingly accurate individualization of each case, enabling selection of a more effective remedy.