Prescribing Methods

by Souter, K

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This book helps to understand what might be going in our minds as we prescirbe remedies. Hardback cover


"The book helps us to understand what might be going on in our minds as we prescribe remedies. Drawing on Behavioural Decision Research, Dr Souter clearly differentiates two broad kinds of thoughts and relates them to homoeopathic processes. First of all, it seems clear that Hahnemann imagined that once his ideal unprejudiced observer had collected enough information about a patient, it would be a simple matter of following a logical algorithmic path to unfailingly find the simillimum. Experience since, along with the growth in complexity of homoeopathic method and the number of available remedies, suggests that for many prescriptions the thought processes inevitably follow a second path of intuition and association, using as the tools one or more of the 'rules of thumb', or cognitive heuristics elegantly described in these pages. In this excellent book, Dr Souter takes us a little further along the path of trying to understand exactly what we are doing when we prescribe a homoeopathic remedy." - Dr Thomas Whitmarsh, Consultant Physician, Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital, Scotland Dr Keith Souter is a part time General Practitioner, Homoeopathic Doctor and Medical Acupuncturist with a private holistic practice in Yorkshire, England. He is also a newspaper columnist and medica author.