Classical Homeopathic Practice A Scientific Approach

by Deshmukh Anurag

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The publisher:
- Case taking
- Case processing
- Miasmatic diagnosis
- Construction of totality
- Repertorization
- Simillimum 
- Potency selection

- Everthing you ever wanted to know about homeopathic practice and repertorization
- A never before book that bridges the gap between Theory and Practice.
- Learn the secrets of clinical interview.
- Easy tips and guidelines for remedy and potency selection.
- Discover the skills of successful case management.
- Find simple solutions to the most perplexing problems in day-to-day practice.
- All about miasmatic diagnosis.
- Technique, art and methods of repertorization.
- Discouver the scientific approach to homoeopathic practice.
- All about clinical training in homeopathy