Transmissions of Homeopathic Drug Energy

by Sahni, B

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Foreword: I have been asked to write a Foreword to the Second Edition of Dr. B. Sahni's book, 'Transmission of Homoeo Drug Energy from a Distance'. I know Dr. Sahni more intimately through patients who have been benefited by his treatment. He has been a tireless worker for the advancement of science and art of Homoeopathy. I must, however, express my ignorance about his theories and techniques of transmission of drug energy from a distance. The very fact that many people claim that they have been affected from a considerable distance by drug energy where their hair was immersed in the potentised drug needed by them, arouses one's curiosity regarding the explanation of the phenomenon. The author has cited numerous cases, some very difficult indeed. It is, therefore, desirable that these phenomena should be examined by a team consisting of Homoeopathic Clinicians and Physicists. The transmission of energy is claimed through contact, through a specimen of blood, through hair by contact with the indicated drug. The most fantastic claim has been made through the contact of the indicated remedy with signature person. The author claimes that a number of experiments have been successful. Similarly during telephonic conversation with the patients, the author experienced effect of the drug when the bottle containing the appropriate drug was opened.


Vll Apparently, the author has travelled much beyond Hahne-mann when the latter advocated transmission of drug energy olfaction. The author has tried to explain that the drug energy is transmitted through 'Electro-magnetic waves'. These assump¬tions, however, have been made on theoretical grounds. Nature of drug energy of Homoeopathic medicine is still an unknown entity; its physical properties are unknown; at least, no scien¬tific instrument has so far been invented to sense it. I think that Homoeopathic drug in potencies has a special bio-physical energy of its own which triggers specially nerve centre in the brain to mobilise the curative reactions. Anyway, the experiences of Dr. Sahni are exciting enough and I feel that we should first observe the phenomena and duplicate the results as claimed by Dr. Sahni, before we try to offer scientific explanations. I, therefore, recommend the Homoeopathic scientists to explore the uncharted seas in company with Dr. Sahni and verify his 'discoveries'. The journey can be exciting enough. Jugal Kishore