Scientific Handbook of Homeopathic Medicine [2nd ed]

by Delinick, A

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Scientific Handbook of Homeopathic Medicine [2nd ed]

This book is written to dispel some of the myths surrounding Homeopathic therapy, remedies and philosophy. In the 250 years since Hahnemann's potentization procedure was used in making the homeopathic remedies, Homeopathy has been veiled in metaphysical notions. This has detracted from Homeopathy's popularity in the many individuals have grave reservations in trusting their health to what they believe is quackery or charlatanism. Thus, in this manner, Homeopathy in not being able to substantiate itself through research has done itself great harm. In this book I hope to dispel some of these metaphysical notions and provide the reader with some experimental research and data that will explain in scientific terms how the information is still maintained in a dilution that surpasses Avogadro's number. This information or research was possible only with the advent of new physics, systems theory, chaos and complexity theories that have arisen within the last twenty years. Also because of this mystical, metaphysical viewpoint surrounding Homeopathic philosopy and treatment it has not been taken seriously by the academic and medical communities and thus many of the things that could in turn change what is going on in conventional medicine at the moment is remaining untapped. With this book I hope to answer some old questions and to raise new ones concerning the way we view pathology and the organism. Alexandra N. Delinick, M.D.