Homeopathy in Rheumatism

by Kumar, Dr. S.L.

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Homeopathic and some general information (allopathy, herbal, physiotherapy, exercise & diet). Mentions osteo- and rheumatoid types, plus spondylitis, sciatica and gout.

The publisher:

In today's fast paced life rheumatic complaints have emerged as an everyday affair. Be it cervical spondylitis, backache, knee pain or the muscular aches, homeopathy has answers to all!

The book discusses broadly on the causative aspects and management, with special emphasis on the homoeopathic approach. Detailed symptoms of over a hundred medicines have been listed which offers a wider range for the selection of correct remedy. The author has also included a comprehensive repertory for easy reference.

Additional chapters on diet and physiotherapy have also been incorporated for maximum benefit of the readers.

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