Dynamics & Methodology of Homeopathic Provings [2nd ed.]

by Sherr, J

Quick Overview

The publisher: "And further, while we were preparing the so-called old medicines we never forgot our position as explorers of the unknown world of results, of effects; never forgetting the groundwork of our healing art, we prepared from time to time new medicines also; we made regular provings at least once a year, often twice and even three times a year. These provings were the high feasts in our church, and you cannot consider yourselves true members of it without joining in these feasts. Proving is a most wonderful thing, like world has never known its like. We suffer, and we enjoy it; we sacrifice a little of our comfort, and gain years of strength by it; we go to school to learn, and we increase the certainty of the healing art. As the same time, to probe drugs is of all other ways the very best, the nearest and the easiest to learn to master our Materia Medica. It is the way to learn; to observe the art of arts, the principal one on which all others are based." Constantine Hering, Lectures by Hering and Lippe


DynamIcs & Methodology of Hom. Provings [2nd ed.]