Homoeopathic Prescribing [exc]

by Pratt, Dr N.

Quick Overview

A compact reference book, which covers 161 common complaints and disorders, with a selection of suitable remedies and details of particular symptoms to help the reader differentiate between the different ailments or conditions. The publisher: What can homoeopathy offer to deal with stubborn infections, or to speed convalescence? Which are the most effective medicines for allergies and hypersensitivities? How can one reduce the pain of injuries and assist their healing?... What alternatives can be prescribed in place of antibiotics, or tranquillisers, or steroids? What supplementary help can the homoeopath bring when conventional treatment must be given?... How may strange, rare and peculiar symptoms be used as guides? What are the main characteristics of physique and personality that lead to the selection of the constitutional remedy? And how does one decide the best potency and dosage of any remedy? This book is written for all who use homoeopathic remedies. Clear indications are given wherever it is important that the lay person should also obtain professional medical advice, so that potentially serious conditions are given the necessary supervision without delay. One hundred and sixty-one common complaints and disorders are covered in the book, arranged alphabetically for easy access. A selection of suitable remedies are then listed, together with details of the particular symptoms and signs that enable the prescriber to differentiate between each of them. There is an Appendix by Dr Marion Gray which lists the main indications for the constitutional remedies. The book is printed with interleaved blank pages, so that the reader can amplify the text on the basis of his or her own personal experience and study. Dr Noel Pratt studied at University College Hospital, London, and served during the War as a medical officer in the RAF. He entered general practice in Norwich in 1948, and retired from the National Health Service in 1978.


Homoeopathic Prescribing [exc]