Organotherapy,Drainage & Detoxification

by Rozencwajg, Joe

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Detoxification has become a mantra of health, everybody offers a product or a technique, yet we see little permanent results. That is because there must be a clinical logic to it, which is rarely present. I am offering 20 years of my clinical experience in that field. Almost anyone could find some approach that is useful for his practice, but the main principle has to be respected: start by repairing the system, then enhance it, then detoxify.


The homeopathic ideal of one well-chosen remedy is often difficult to obtain. Detoxification of the many forms of pollution and disturbance in our modern world can create a better climate for healing but needs to follow the main principle: start by repairing the system, then enhance it, then detoxify. Aspects of this book can be applied in any practice. The publisher: How comes that sometimes a remedy, obviously well chosen, works poorly? How comes that a well-chosen remedy sometimes gives terrible aggravations? Wrong potency, wrong dose, are we told. However, is that really all? Hahnemann, Kent and most of the contemporary Classical homeopaths advocate the use of a single remedy without any interference from any other form of treatment. That is an ideal. But is it always attainable? And is it always justified? In today's world, we are confronted not only with diseases, acute or chronic, but with a slow intoxication and intoxination of our organisms, a slow, subtle, insensible but all pervading and almost unavoidable poisoning: adulterated food, water polluted (Cl, Fluor), polluted air, EMF from computers, TV, phones, power lines, vaccines, medications, etc?