Character and Neurosis

by Naranjo, C

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An Integrative View "Typologies have been popular in psychology since the days of the Greek 'humors' and the Hindu 'gunas'. But Claudio Naranjo's treatment of the enneagram represents a significant contribution to this quest. His book provides readers with a structure for their personal story that can facilitate individual growth and development. It can also be used by couples, families, and groups to explore both those traits that separate them and those that can bring them together. Dr. Naranjo has produced a major work that deserves to be studied, debated, and utilized by professionals and non-professionals alike." (Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Saybrook Institute)


"One need not be a follower of the enneagram structural model to appreciate the clinical sensitivity and depth of insight with Dr. Naranjo brings to this study of personality types. It portrays a taxonomic model that is both broad-ranging in scope and rich in detail, an extremely useful reference work for both clinicians and students alike." (Dr. Theodore Millon, Editor, Journal of Personality Disorders) "Naranjo presents sophisticated body-mind archetypes which take homeopathic constitutional types - along with traditional psychological character study - into the 21st Century." (Dana Ullman, M.P.H. author of Discovering Homeopathy) "Claudio Naranjo is the colleague and friend who brought me to meet Oscar Ichazo and participate in the training at Arica, Chile, in 1970. With this indepth, elaborated version of what Oscar Ichazo outlined at Arica, Claudio has recreated the enneagram of personality types for the practice of inner explorers in this culture, and I consider him to be the premier teacher of this particular scientific tool for the study of consciousness." (John C. Lilly, M.D. author of Center of the Cyclone and The Deep Self)