Identity & Individualism

by Mangialavori, M

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Mangialavori attempts to show the main differences between the different groups and families. He discusses the Milk remedies such as Lac caninum, Lac felinum, Lac capria, Lac ovis, Lac asinum, Lac yama and Lac delphinum; Insects such as Apis, Coccus cacti, Formica rufa, Blatta orientalis, Doryphora, Scolopendra, and Culex musca; and Parasites such as Hirudo officinalis, Pediculus capitis, Cimex lectularius, Pulex irritans and Trombidium muscae domesticae.


The focus is on differential diagnosis in homeopathic families, including how to consider symptoms and themes. Milks: Lac asinum, Lac caninum, Lac capra, Lac defloratum, Lac delphinum, Lac equinum, Lac felinum, Lac glama, Lac leoninum, Lac lupinum, Lac ovis, Lac suis, Lac vaccinum, Lac yama, and similars. Insects: Apis, Blatta orientalis, Cantharis, Coccus cacti, Coccinella septempunctata, Formica rufa, Vespa. Parasites: Doryphora decemlineata, Cimex lectularius, Hirudo officinalis, Pediculus capitis, Pulex irritans, Trombidium muscae domesticae. Spiders: Aranea diadema, Latrodectas mactans, Mygale, Theridion.