50 Reasons for being a Homeopath

by Burnett, Dr J.C.

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Burnett's most popular book, in which he presents cases considered incurable by conventional medicine, was intended as a reply to an allopathic doctor, who had declared that he had never heard one good reason to become a homeopath. The answer speaks for itself! The publisher: 50 Reasons for Being a Homeopath is one of the classical works of Dr. Burnett. Here he has discussed various conditions which are considered uncurable by the conventional system of medicine like Aneurysm, Tumour of beast, Cancer, Endocarditis, Exostosis, Gout, Neuralgia etc. Dr. Burnett gives examples of cases where these conditions have been treated & also gives differential remedial references for these conditions. This book truly explains that if such conditions can be treated with homeopathy if rightly prescribed, then, anybody who wishes to become a doctor should go for homeopathy as a stream.


J.C. Burnett, M.D. was a contemporary with R. Hughes, R.E. Dudgeon & J.H. Clarke and was one of the most potent influence on evolution of British Homeopathy. Early in his career, he attended the clinic of Dr. John Drysdale at liver pool with friend A. Hawkes and J.H. Clarke that touched his fascination with organopathy. He is the acclaimed author of dozens books on homeopathy which includes "Consumption," "Liver," "Ringworm," "Gout," "Stunted Children," "Organ Diseases of Women," "Diseases of Skin," "Change of Life in Women," "Enlarged Tonsils" and "Tumours" etc.