The Second Simillimum [M.S, HIV/Aids, ParkInson Disease]

by Chappell P

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Peter Chappell "designs" disease-specific remedies on a computer which are meant as a complement to individual treatment. He is especially successful in the treatment of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa. The publisher: This book represents a giant step forward in homeopathic treatment! In his search for a homeopathic answer to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa, Peter Chappell discovered a new way of designing homeopathic simillima for epidemics and chronic diseases. The results with his PC1 remedy for HIV/AIDS are impressive ( See 'Links' issue 4/2004). This book in my opinion describes the greatest step forward in the history of homeopathy since the time of Hahnemann. In his search for a homeopathic answer to the AIDS pandemic Peter Chappell has developed a method to create remedies that cover the totality of a disease: a Second Simillimum fitting the totality of the disease to complement the First Simillimum that fits the totality of the patient. The results with these PC remedies (as they are called) that I have been able to witness so far are extraordinary, both in epidemics (e.g. AIDS and malaria) and in chronic diseases (e.g. Parkinson's, MS, diabetes). Peter Chappell's discovery enormously extends the possibilities in the individual treatment of chronic diseases and provides a gentle, mild and rapid answer to the epidemics that threaten the lives of millions. His work signifies a breakthrough that brings the potential of homeopathic treatment closer to its fulfillment.


For two centuries homeopaths have struggled with the question of how to deal with the miasmatic source of disease. The simillimum for a patient often falls short in really curing the chronic diseases of our time, because the underlying miasms are not being addressed. Nosodes and miasmatic remedies can complement the individual simillimum but in many cases do not sufficiently cover the totality of the disease. In this revolutionary book he describes the theoretical and practical implications of his discovery. If any book can help you to increase your success in treating chronic diseases (e.g. Parkinsons, MS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and dozens of others) and epidemics (e.g. AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis) it is this book.