Predictive Homeopathy Part 3 - Miasms

by Vijayakar, P

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In the third part of Predictive Homeopathy, Vijayakar deals with miasms, which he considers as being the most misunderstood and misconceived part of homeopathic study. It is his hope that his book will put an end to this situation.


This is a book about miasms, which have been the most misunderstood and misconceived part of homeopathic study. The name has been coined out of combination of two words miasm and assumptions. The author wishes that the science in this book will put an end to all the assumptions and presumptions about miasms and hence the name "Miasmtion". The explanations are based on the study of the unit of life, the cell and hence it forms the background. Man's life has been depicted in three important stages on the clock, which represents life span of man. The three important stages are based on defense mechanism of the man at the cellular level. There is a genetic control over all these defenses and hence the depiction of chromosome in the background. Vijayakar tried to bridge human related sciences with their recent advances and the homeopathic science. He went into the world of embryology and tapped the significance of Herings Law. He has linked observations made in embryology and the early stages of cell development with those of miasmatic theory. His interpretation he put in the form of the chart of suppression.