Aids & Syphillis - The Hidden Links

by Coulter, H.L.

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"... We doubt that a substantial portion of those, with the virus will ever become sick with AIDS. We also dispute the possibility of curing AIDS with a drug or vaccine directed against the supposed viral cause... We outline a new interpretation of the genesis of this disease and indicate ways of coping with it, of limiting and averting its further depredations..." "...The AIDS virus is probably little more than another 'opportunistic' infection of an already destroyed immune system—at the most a 'co-factor' which may possibly give rise to AIDS when combined with other factors... the search should be for factors which undermine the immune system and thus predispose to infection with... the AIDS virus and others which may ordinarily be quite innocuous." "...The continuing assault on the immune system from the drugs used in modern medicine has helped prepare the ground for the modern scourge of AIDS."


Aids & Syphillis - The Hidden Links