Structure [2 vols] -experiments with MIneral Kingdom

by Sankaran, Dr R.

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Brand new book Volume 1 missing Volume 2 only available with 15 pages  missing from 645 - 660

With Structure, Rajan Sankaran offers insights into the mineral kingdom. This is the second book of a trilogy, following on from the introduction to the plant kingdom. In the two volumes, he describes in detail the individual rows (series) and the various salts with case studies and a schematic overview.


The publisher: After elaborating on his kingdom idea and the sensation level, DR. RAJAN SANKARAN has been consolidating these with a look into each kingdom. STRUCTURE is the second of a trilogy on the various kingdoms, the first being an insight into plants and the third being survival (on the animal kingdom).

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Volume 2 of the 2 volume set only for sale