Homoeopathic Education - The unfolding experience

by Coulter, Catherine

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A highly acclaimed, in-depth study of the craft of homoeopathic prescribing - its challenges and rewards. Careful reading will assist the practitioner to achieve steady, beneficial results."


Coulter's latest book examines the homeopathic learning process. Her insistence on experience - "practice and practice alone, develops the skills that go into the making of a homoeopath." - rather than theoretical knowledge for the apprentice-homeopath goes hand in hand with the teaching model she endorses; the preceptorship. Footnotes, quotes from leading figures in homeopathy, and informative appendices complete this beautiful and wise book. "Homoeopathic Education is an exemplary, informative, and thought-provoking work... and homeopaths, be they educated, novices, or old hands, will benefit from its reading. Coulter has in her long career accumulated a wealth of experience and rich insights into both Materia Medica and the mechanics of homoepathic practice.

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