Experience of Medicine 1

by Gray Alistair

Quick Overview

This is a second hand copy in excellent condition, signed by the Author as a bonus!

The publisher: In this first of four proving manuals of homeopathic provings Alastair Gray presents the results of the trials of Moreton Bay Fig, White Tailed Spider and Box Jellyfish. Each contains a comprehensive introduction, chronology of the major provers, a Materia Medica style schema of the provers from Mind to Generals, and an exhaustive list of rubrics. Its the perfect complement to Alastair's articles on these remedies in various homeopathic journals around the world.


Experience of Medicine - Book Reviews: I love the book - you have managed to put in all the information in such a short space - miraculous typesetting and design. The information is extensive in that you seem to have well covered every angle that a prover, homeopath or interested person might question. I like the tentative themes, and the condensed, edited, core of primary symptoms - useful in practice and giving us time to read the full proving later. The species information is always interesting to read too. - Jenni Tree In addition to adding three unique medicines to our Materia Medica, Alastair has thoughtfully structured his work to enhance and progress our understanding of what is useful in the provings themselves. - Peter Tumminello