Beginners Guide to Homoeopathy

by Iyer, T.S.

Quick Overview

The publisher: Based on Natural Laws, Homeopathic System of medicine is easy, comprehensive and flawless. Chronic diseases can be gently treated with this system of medicine. The increasing popularity of this system of medicine approves that this system is acceptable to all of us. For interest of general public IS. Iyer compiled a book which describes the principles of homeopathy, various clinical conditions along with clinical therapeutics in easy language. This book has been appreciated by its readers and is a best seller since last six decades. - Easy language for the general public who understand the importance of homeopathy in daily life. - A large number of diseases, their treatment with homeopathy have been described - Glossary and word index are detailed in the book for easy understanding of disease - This book is also useful for general physician as well as budding doctors for easy reference


Beginners Guide to Homoeopathy