Roadmap To Correct Prescription [was Hom.]

by Gunavante, S.M.

Quick Overview

Rewritten (previously titled Introduction to Homeopathy) Commentary: An in-depth review of homeopathic principles and practice, with many references to past works of the masters. The 4th edition in 1990 (335 pages) was revised and expanded with the inclusion of a number of repertory exercises and a brief Materia Medica of nine remedies. Gunavante is a "lay-person" who developed a deep interest in homeopathy. The book contains a few errors (Radium brom. is not an imponderable!), but, generally, it is a well-researched and documented exposition of homeopathic principles and practice. Each chapter ends with a short "self-test" and suggestions as to which books to consult for more information. Many authors are quoted throughout, and the appendices include a listing of books to read at various levels of expertise, as well as remedy suggestions for "specifics" and "causations." This is not a well known book and has a great amount of information buried within its pages. This commentary is reprinted from The Heritage of Homoeopathic Literature


This book presents homeopathic philosophy more comprehensively than before. It will aid in understanding the basic concept of repertories in a crystal clear way. It will also provide practical guidance to all the students and practitioners of homeopathy to reach simillimum in order to effect cure. It includes: * Basic concepts and principies of homeopathy * Concept of drug proving * Importance of evaluation of symptoms * Art of case taking * Chronic miasms and nosodes * Different methods to study Materia Medica * Repertorisation techniques with some exercises for practice * Concept of posology * Tips for effective management of the case