The System Of Homeopathy

by Sankaran, Dr R.

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Reduced  for sale from $108 to $83 as book has slight tear on 1st inside cover page and faint age spots on inside cover page, but otherwise very good condition

The "System" is a book of cases. Using 35 detailed case histories, the ordering criteria that were developed in the "Substance" emerge here even more clearly. The cases are documented using the patient's own words, and the footnotes describe Sankaran's interpretations and his attempts to make sense of the cases.


This book is illustrative of Dr. Rajan Sankaran´s method of case taking, case analysis and follow up. It includes 35 detailed cases and a number of short cases through which emerges a System of Homeopathy. Also hints and guidelines about understanding the mental state, eliciting the mind and body connection, central delusion, what to do and what not to do with dreams etc. Plus a further understanding of miasms and sub-kingdoms.'