The Art of Case Taking & Repertorisation in Homeopathy

by Patel, Ramanlal

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The Author: Years have rolled out with many failures in past and even now in my practice. I have made many improvements in this book according to my experiences which may never end in life. The art of practising Homoeopathy has to be improved for better success as the study of Homoeopathy is unlimited. You can never achieve what you want with Homoeopathy in one life. You always have ups and downs in homoeopathic practice. Once cancer was thought to be incurable and untouchable by Homoeopathy and homoeopaths as history of records show it, but now it is curable by better understanding of Homoeopathy through miasmatic approach. I have treated in my 45 years practice nearly ten thousand cases of different varieties of cancers and out of that more than two thousand cases will be published in 20 volumes within 10 years. This will be the first time in the history of Homoeopathy such a large number of cases of cancers will be published with scientific documents, and these cases will be my last contribution for the advancement of Homoeopathy and for homoeopaths to achieve better results in their practice with pure Homoeopathy as I understand. I myself had malignant tumor in 1960 and I am still alive with the help of Homoeopathy. Let us improve ourselves to practice Homoeopathy for better and best results and with these ideas, I present this edition to earn more glories for Homoeopathy.


The Art of Case Taking & Repertorisation in Homeopathy