Drug Addiction - Homeopathic Approach

by Rafeque, M

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We all know that substance abuse is a major health problem for every nation. In spite of all precautions and preventive measures, the number of substance addition cases is increasing day by day. In this book the general aspects of psychotropic drugs with their addictions and consequences are dealt with. Apart from that, homeopathic aspects are considered along with indications of some homeopathic drugs. A repertory for addiction and its ill effects are given at the end. Since homoeopathic medicines act on the mental and emotional levels of man, it can do a great deal in curing all disorders including drug dependence. But this fact is not much known to the general public due to want of awareness on the efficacy of this system. The only way to create awareness is by curing cases with a homeopathic approach. To achieve this goal, we need to have confidence and deep understanding of the subject. So far, many eminent homeopaths have treated cases of substance dependence with good results. I hope this book will inspire you atleast superficially so that we can work on this field and go through other well-known books to extract knowledge in order to utilise our system for the benefit of humanity.


Drug Addiction- Hom. Approach