Homeopathy In Psychiatry

by Balakrishnan, E

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Brief discussions of conditions such as OCD, dementia, anxiety neurosis and alcoholism, with collected mental symptoms of 25 remedies and 151 brief case reports.


The first section explores Eastern and Western concepts of mental functions, well being and disordered mental states. Holistic approaches to the connections between emotions, physical illnesses including immune system are highlighted. Included in the text are discussions on Autism, Anxiety, Neurosis, Anorexia, Depression, Hypochondriasis, Hysterias, Rage Conditions, Psychotic disorders, Dementias and Post Traumatic Disorders. A full section ist dedicated to Counselling. The second part ot the book is a well-organised section on Homoeo-Therapeutics which details the application of the medications to various psychiatric symptoms and symptom complexes. Part three presents illustrative case histories including the step by step response to the treatment.'