Universal MIneral Materia Medica - MInerals of Periodic Table

by Jain, B. & Trivedi

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Universal Mineral Materia Medica is a lucid, concise and astonishingly comprehensive book based on periodic table. It is a unique addition to the treasures of Homoeopathic literature. This is much needed in advancing science. Although written for the postgraduates, it will be used extensively by all practitioners of Homoeopathy.


Author has covered mineral group of medicine according to the Periodic Table very well. It is evident that in day to day Homoeopathic practice, the drugs from mineral group are used frequently with the understanding of symptoms listed in various books of Materia Medica, However, this book has given much deeper understanding of drugs from Mineral kingdom, as the topics are well illustrated at various levels. It deals with understanding of periodic table, the chemical properties, sources, requirements and patho-physiology at basic levels. It also gives a fair idea about the drugs of Mineral kingdom at the level of miasm, constitution, thermal modality, sensitivity and susceptibility, guiding indications with particulars. The area of remedy relationship between the drugs are explained well. The CLINICAL CASES illustrated in the book shall go long way to further understand the remedies of mineral group in the most applied manner. I am sure that this book shall enrich further to the knowledge of Materia Medica for the students and practitioners of Homoeopathy.