Snakes and Homoeopathic Grass

by Master, Dr F.

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A compilation of snake remedies. In homeopathy 'Venom' of the snakes are used as remedies. In this little compilation the author has given homeopathic Interpretation of various snake remedies in a very lucid and easy to grasp style. A key-note meteria medica of snake remedies with comparision and contrast is an added feature. Prof. Dr. Farokh. J. Master (M.D.) in presently based in Bombay (India). Prof. Farokh is a world-renowned homeopath and teacher. He is an author who has penned rnore than 30 books and is also actively involved in proving new remedies. Half of the year he is travelling all over the world teaching homeopathy students and collecting experiences which are disseminated through The Homeopathic Heritage. He also writes for various National Dailiesincluding The Times of India.


Snakes and Homoeopathic Grass