Miracles of Belladonna

by Mehta, Narendra

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Miracles of Belladonna


Homoeopathic science can cure grave and terminal cases of tumour, coma and cancer with astonishing results. But every homoeopath cannot accomplish this as it involves a meticulous understanding and follow up of the case and a perfect line of treatment. The history of Dr. Mehta's homoeopathic practice shows that he has not only accepted the challenge of taking up these dangerous cases but has also produced miraculous and successful results. He has written a couple of books and published many research papers including The Follow-up which is a comprehensive study of the successful treatment of patients through the right follow-up corroborated by a video CD that documents their progress. His second book Understanding ofMateria Medica is a simplistic and a more practical adaptation of various Materia Medica giving thorough insight into the usefulness and importance of each medicine. His immense understanding and awareness of homoeopathy are reflected in this book. These books have helped and increased the confidence of many budding homoeopaths.