Hydro - homeopathic Energy -use of acids [ new]

by Le Roux, P

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A fascinating book from the French homeopathic paediatrician Patricia Le Roux, in which she displays the impressive array of her talent. Rigourous in her research, intuitive and discerning in her practice, she presents new information on twenty-seven acids and cases of children she has treated


As the 21st century dawns one of the most crucial changes in the history of man is impending. We are about to witness the replacement of traditional fossil fuels - like coal, oil and natural gas - by an energy which is clean and inexhaustible: in other words, hydrogen. Hydrogen is already being used within the realms of homeopathic medicine, and recent provings and research have demonstrated exciting applications. In this fascinating book, pioneering homeopathic paediatrician Patricia Le Roux reveals her detailed and rigorously documented study of hydrogen and the rest of its family of remedial acids, using clinical case histories from her day-to-day work as a clinician to illustrate her researches. Homeo-hydrogen works on the energy of our bodies, and is universally applicable within our stressful modern society, offering creative, original therapeutic solutions to countless contemporary ailments. Tomorrow's world is already with us, and Homeo-Hydrogen is its impressive, energetic proof.