Handbook Materia Medica & Homoeopathic Therapeutics

by Allen, Dr T.F.

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An immense work, primarily derived from his Encyclopedia and his clinical notes. Hahnemann's schema is followed and is interspersed with clinical notes. It is of interest to note that most of the remedies proved by Mure have been deleted because "scarcely any have been found valuable." That last sentence is very interesting! A perusal of some current (last 30 years) literature finds a fair number of cases of remedies proved by Mure and found in his 1853 book--Hura, Mancinella, Elaps, and Crotalus cascavella. Could it be that the symptomatology elicited in the provings was not observed in patients until "modern times"? from "The Heritage of Homoeopathic Literature"


Handbook Materia Medica & Homoeopathic Therapeutics