Ear, Nose, Throat - Troubles cured with Homeopathy

by Sivaraman, Dr. P.

Quick Overview

This book provides a combination of Materia Medica and Therapeutics: It is set out in alphabetical order of remedies  that are used for Ear Nose & Throat problems, it gives a descriptive overview of the situation and symptoms each remedy experiences and is useful for along with  specific modalities and differential remedies. It appears to be a very useful cross referencing tool for the situations it presents.


The publisher:

Once it was a fashion to cut away the tonsils. Were all those operations necessary? By cutting away a part of the body have they not hindered the protective mechanism the nature has given us? Time has now come that at least some have understood the folly of their misdeeds. Atleast some are desisting from such interferences. There are many ENT specialists who solely allege the causes of sicknesses to those organs forgetting that these belongs to an individual who was sick before these organs became sick. Because any one of these organs were weak they exhibit more symptoms and they (specialists) attribute the sickness of the man due to the illness of these organs!  If they could understand that these symptoms are only nature's way of expression and the real sickness is not these, many torturing could be avoided. Set right the man, then these symptoms will disappear automatically.