Provings & Clinical Observations with High Potencies

by MacFarland, M

Quick Overview

Originally published in the journal "Homoeopathic Physician" in the 1890s and later as a book, these records aimed for maximum reliability in recording symptoms.


Provings & Clinical Observations with High Potencies - Commentary: "My object has been to collate a few reliable symptoms, not as many as possible. What is written is, to the best of my knowledge, true, and was worked out originally for my own guidance and information. It is now given for what it may be worth to the profession." The information is culled from 25 years of practice. The provings were done with high potencies-- from 200 up and most were made by Fincke. "The Medicines were given in water as a rule. Patients never knew they were making provings of medicines... Symptoms generally occurred on the third day. The provers, in many cases, had local ailments, fractures, injuries, etc., which did not interfere much with their general health or complicate medicinal symptoms." The work was published in The Homeopathic Physician (1892-1894), and then printed as a book. Truly a wonderful collection. Having had Macfarlan's original hand-written notes in my possession, I saw the great care that went into this work. This work is rare and deserves to be better known by the profession. This commentary is reprinted from The Heritage of Homoeopathic Literature