Materia Medica of Bowel Nosodes

by Gupta, A.C.

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There is a feeling that this valuable group of remedies—Bowel Nosodes—do not find much use in day-to-day practice. The potential therapeutic power they possess have not been frequently employed as it should have been. Dr. Paterson remarked beautifully about the efficacy of these nosodes. He stated, "They are valuable therapeutic agents when properly used, and their great value is in the treatment of the chronic diseases, in cases which are generally considered to be resistant to any form of treatment". After going through the materia-medica of these bowel nosodes, though they need extensive re-proving, one can gauze the vasteness of morbidity range which they are capable of eradicating. A glance at the therapeutic index, Bowel Nosodes can convince any physician of the great utility of the Bowel-Nosodes in various diseases. The author will be amply rewarded if these medicines also are effectively used for alleviating sufferings of mankind especially in difficult chronic diseases.


Materia Medica of Bowel Nosodes